Unlimited Snipes
Place BidThe $4.95 monthly fee includes an unlimited number of eBay® snipes. We want to help you win as many items as possible. This also means that there are no per-item fees. Note: For a limited time the FREE month trial also includes unlimited snipes.
2 Second Delay
Bid HistoryOur advanced sniping software beats most competitors by placing your bids in the last 2 seconds of the auction. This helps you win more auctions - even when bidding against another sniping tool.
Email Alerts
Email InboxAuction Raptor™ sends you notifications in your email when your maximum bid is too low to win the item you are bidding on. This gives you the opportunity to raise your bid if you wish. Auction Raptor™ checks the status of your item more often as the end of auction approaches allowing you make those last minute bid changes or cancellations.
Item Grouping
Multiple Similar ItemsItem grouping is an advanced Auction Raptor™ feature that lets you queue up snipes for similar items. Once Auction Raptor™ determines that you have won an item in the group, all other bids in the group are cancelled automatically. Use item grouping to get items at the price you want.
Quick Add Bookmark
Browser with ToolbarThe ability to add items to your Auction Raptor™ account directly from eBay® will save you tons of time. See it here.
Earn Free Service
User ReferralsYou can earn FREE Auction Raptor™ service just by referring your friends and family. You will earn 1 point if they signup for a free trial and 9 more points if they become a paying subscriber. For every 10 points that you earn, you get a FREE month of service - it's that easy!

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