Privacy Policy

At Auction Raptor™ we care about providing you with tools and information to manage and protect your online privacy. We have developed this privacy policy to inform you about what information this web site collects, who may receive that information, what we may do with the information, and how long we keep it. While we have made every attempt to make this policy as clear as possible, if you have any further questions about it, please contact us:

Click here for our contact information.
Does this website use cookies?
Yes, we use cookies to maintain your session when you are logged in and to enhance your experience. We do not store any personally identifiable information in the cookies.
What types of information do we collect?
  • Internet contact information, such as email addresses.
  • Web pages visited, click stream data, and other navigation information on
  • Non-financial identification information, such as username and password combinations.
Why do we collect this information?
  • To complete the current activity of the visitor.
  • For website administration purposes.
  • To evaluate, review, or improve Auction Raptor™.
  • To customize Auction Raptor™ for the user on multiple visits to the site.
Who will have access to this information?
Only internal staff using the information to assist a user will have access to the information.
How long will the information be kept?
The information is only kept as required and will be destroyed as quickly as possible.
Can I review my information?
We allow you to review all the information we keep about you.
What if I think there are inaccuracies in my information?
If you believe we are not handling your information in accordance with our privacy policy, please contact our customer service department. Click here to contact us.

If for some reason we have violated our privacy policy, we will correct the error as soon as you notify us.