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Positive Comment! from Bill at
I LOVE AUCTIONRAPTOR! I may not always win, but it's by far the best method
to TRY and get the item on ebay!
Great Program from Sheryl at
Hi There, I just wanted to say thankyou for your wonderful product! Since joining the 'raptor community' I haven't lost an auction and have been able to sleep peacefully, knowing that my bidding is being done for me. Thanks heaps!!!
Auctionraptor from Emory T at
This is one fantastic service. You have completely taken the stress of bidding away from me. Thank you for freeing up my time to concentrate on other things like Golf.

Emory T.
Feedback from Angela at
I have been using Auction Raptor for almost 3 years now. Together, we have succeeded in 100s of auctions. For me, the flat monthly fee is the way to go. I love being able to bid in the last 5 seconds. This prevents dishonest sellers from bidding me up from a different email address. Auction Raptor has saved me 100s of dollars. I highly recommend them.

During The Last Six Months... from Bob at guys have made it possible for me to bid on and win over $200,000.00 (yep, 200k) worth of retail merchandise for less than $5,000.00. The only three or four sales I lost were because I didn't bid enough and wasn't around to receive your email notifications that my bid was too low. But, that's the beauty of it all...I can go out to dinner, go off for the weekend or even if I just get busy with customers and not be able to get free to bid on an ending item I can come back and find that I've won the merchandise I wanted...and my bid has always been made with five seconds or less left on the item. $4.95/month? I'd pay ten times that. I wish you success but at the same time hope that not everyone becomes aware of how awesome your service is....right now I have such an edge against my fellow bidders.
Regards, Bob
Love Your Services !! from Julie at
I'm on a trial basis, but I wanted to let you know That I love it!! It's so convenient and you are so GOOD at winning auctions for me !! Thank You
Woo Hoo from Tom at
It works - awesome...I'm hooked. I was skeptical - but it worked GREAT.
Many thanks!

I have to say that I was aware of "snipers" - but not that there were "sniper services" - I did a Google and found about 6 or 7 of them - and looked at most. Yours jumped out at me - perhaps the free trial, perhaps it looked more secure - you weren't asking for too much info. Anyway - the things I usually bid on have a very bad habit of zooming out of control (price wise) in the last minute or so. In the one case I tried - your program really worked well.
You're Great! from Bruce at
I may not win everything that I bid on, but you have never failed me (unlike the other programs that I tried). Best around!!!!!!!
Auction Raptor Feedback from James at
I Cant say enought good about your service. Its great, I love it!! keep it up!!
Great Bidding Tool from Chris P at
I've been a member for a little over a year and I have to say that I am COMPLETELY satisfied [with] Auction Raptor. I rarely loose an auction on eBay (thanks to the 2 second delay), and I am able keep the bidding price low as well. Your service rocks - Thank You!!
Raptor Rox from Don at
Raptor rox!!! just landed my 5th buy over the last month and won it buy outbiding another bidding tool who only has 5 second bidding.hahahahahahaha.
nice 1. cheers don
Auction Raptor Rocks from Eve at
Anyone who is isn't using Auction Raptor isn't serious about winning on Ebay. I felt a little guilty at first, because I always took pride in my manual bidding. The final straw was when I was outbid twice in one day. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Thank You! from Matt at
Auction Raptor-
Your product is amazing! Honestly, I was a little skeptical. However, this product really works. On my first bid I won the auction! This product is very easy to use and really works. Thanks again and I will definately use the website again!

You Have The Best Auction Software from Deborah at
I just wanted to say I used 3 other bidding services before I found your company and yours is the best I have used. The format is one of the better ones and I have done so much better with Auction Raptor. This is the first and only one I felt compelled to join and pay for. I have saved quite a bit of money and will continue to use only this service in the future. Thank you!

How Good Is This! from William at
Having been a [other tool] user for years I, like many others have been frustrated by its apparent demise (or complete lack of reliability and service if you will) and I have been looking for a worthy replacemnt - well so far your product has exceeded all my expectations and as soon as the 'free' session is over, I will be signing up with Auction Raptor for the long run!


Auction Raptor Feedback from Paul at

Thanks for your services. I won my auction at the last minute and ended up paying less than my top offer. I'm very pleased with your service and am going to tell my friends all about it.

Thanks again,
Auction Raptor Feedback from Tammy at
I just happened to find you guys by accident, and never knew that this type of service existed. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to be so interested in something, bid on it, and not win the auction in the end. I've used you guys three times, and have won two out of the three auctions for the exact price that I wanted to pay (and not a penny over). I love your service!!! And I plan to spread the word to my friends.

Auction Raptor Feedback from Anita at
Just wanted to say...this Auction Raptor program is absolutely brilliant!!!

I love the way it waits until a couple of secs before close of auctuon to place my max. bid - thus not driving the price up before. And it is so easy to use - I have the shortcut on my toolbar and just click the button when on ebay -auciton raptor just pop up with all the item details already there!

It was the only auction tool I could find that gives you a free trial without demanding credit card details upfront. I am very pleased with it and when my free trial is over hope to subscribe.

Many thanks.

Auction Raptor Feedback from Michael P at
Hi, I am brand new to eBay. With my first auction I used AuctionRaptor and won! Woohoo! I like your product.

Other members of my family have bid on eBay before. I heard their angst over watching, worrying, and waiting to see if their bid won. You have removed that from my experience.

Your product really rocks!

Thank you.
Michael P
Auction Raptor Feedback from Mark W at
I gotta tell ya, I'm a believer after only 2 bids! What got me here in the first place is, I was bidding on several watches and in the last few seconds, I got outbid by the same guy on all 3 bids!! After I did my homework on what's available out there, I settled on Auction Raptor because it looked like the best deal for me and it was the ONLY one that had the 2 second bid, which I knew I would need to beat the guy bidding against me.

Tonight I outbid 2 auction's from under the guy! I saw his bid hit at 5 seconds and after a screen refresh, I was the winner in both cases! And for less than my high set point, awesome!! I'm sold...


Mark W